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About King Current

A rock band formed by three individuals with a true
passion for music. Ever since banding together in
2010, they have been privileged to share their
devotion to music and live performance with fans all
over the world, performing over 1,600 shows, and
counting in 2022. With many music releases under the
label Zealatone, the band continues to create and
perform new music, as well as create a dynamic live
show. A show composed of music that’s well-known
and enjoyed by all ages. King Current performs
revered songs that are not often heard or experienced
live. These songs are brimming with new electrifying
energy and spirit, bringing an unexpected and
exciting experience to the audience. The band holds a
strong position as a three-piece, manifesting a large
sound, consistently woven with brilliant harmony and
backing vocals.

Lucky Tongue
Lucky Tongue In Reno
Lucky Tongue Onstage
Lucky Tongue Onstage
Lucky Tongue
Lucky Tongue
A Night Show In Reno, NV
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